About Me


I’m Maggie Pint. I work in the Open Source Programs office at Microsoft, where I write Node.js code and help people navigate Microsoft’s OSS ecosystem.

In my non-Microsoft open source life, I am a maintainer of Moment.js. I frequently blog about the changes we are making with the Moment.js library, and about helpful tips related to Moment.js.

Before I joined Microsoft, I was a .NET Developer and manager at a HR software company, a marketing data analyst, support help desk person, report/SQL developer, and eventually an accidental SQL Server DBA. You might occasionally see me at a conference giving a talk on varying topics, from OSS, to Date and Time, to bridging the gap between DBAs and Developers.

When I am not at work, I enjoy spending time with my four year old son, coffee (lots and lots of coffee), and showing and breeding Australian Shepherds.

I’m very friendly, so if you have questions about anything you see do feel free to find me on twitter:

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